Train a Chihuahua basic techniques and Orders

Tired of that your chihuahua dog ignore you when you give an order? If your small companion still does not understand the ‘NO’, there is no way for to learn to relieve himself outside the home, does not sit down or stays still when you put the collar or want to cut her nails, you’ve come to the right place!

At we give you the keys so that you learn to train your chihuahua correctly. Despite being one of the more possessive and dominant races, train you to teach the basic commands it is not complicated if we know the guidelines that we follow.

Characteristics of the chihuahua

To be able to get into doggy dans online dog trainer review for chihuahuas techniques, it is essential to understand the characteristics of the character of this breed of dog. Thus, the chihuahua is characterized by having a character key and possessive, so it is not in their nature be submissive, he is a born leader. Also, it is capricious, energetic, intelligent and very active, always willing to play with other dogs of the same breed and its owner.

Knowing this, what attitude should have us to properly educate our chihuahua?

We must show an authoritarian attitude without being aggressive and always stand firm. If we decide that we don’t want our little buddy to climb on the couch, we must maintain that decision and not let to do it once. Remember: the leader of the Pack have to be you.

The authority must always be accompanied by security. Although you keep you firm in your decision, if your chihuahua perceived insecurity in you will continue believing that he is the leader.

We must not allow our Chihuahua or provide all the vagaries that want. Its sweet and tender face not your guard, download if you want that your can is well educated you must teach him to earn those whims.

Being authoritarian is not synonymous with being aggressive. This means that we must never shout to our dog, hitting or educate you through negative conditioning. This all we will get is a fearful chihuahua, always on the defensive, and even aggressive. Especially dogs small breed and toy, are highly sensitive to this kind of behaviour and quickly become distrustful, giving people a negative association.

The importance of socialization

Now that we know how the education of our chihuahua must confront us, where do we start? Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of the training of any dog is socialization. Although all the races require a proper relationship with other dogs, people and environment, it is true that there are dogs more susceptible than others, and therefore requiring more attention at this point.

As discussed in the previous section, the chihuahuas are dogs who prefer to interact with dogs of the same breed and, therefore, if we don’t socialize them properly can take aggressive or surly attitudes with other dogs. To prevent this from happening, we have to start the socialization process as soon as possible.

During the puppy stage is when dogs are more responsive, created its personality and adopt a series of behaviors that we must lead if we want to get a dog happy, healthy and, above all, balanced. To socialize our Chihuahua correctly we must take into account the following factors:

To begin to relate to our dog with other dogs or animals of other species, we will have to select quiet, well behaved and balanced individuals. A bad choice can lead to a negative encounter, with serious consequences that can make our Chihuahua’s for life.
That its small size does not influence you. Although part of the smaller breeds of dog in the world, the chihuahua is perfectly prepared to interact with larger dogs. Denied that relationship just cause to adopt an aggressive attitude when you stop with these breeds.

Prepare the meeting in a friendly atmosphere, where you feel comfortable and safe.

Although small, the chihuahua is not a toy. Why do we say this? When it comes to socialize with children, it is essential that we make them understand that they must not treat as to their toys, they must respect and take care of it. Not educate children can cause our chihuahua has a bad experience with them and, therefore, issue them, even biting them to defend themselves.
For more details, see the following article from ExpertoAnimal where we explain techniques to socialize your puppy with other dogs, people and animals from their environment.

It lays down rules

Before continuing with the training of our chihuahua we must be very clear what we teach and what standards we want to mark him. In this sense, it is crucial that you meet with your family or other members who live in the home and together decide these points.

To educate a dog properly, it is essential that all members who will participate in their education to agree and act in the same way. This means that all must use the same words to teach him the orders and be just as firm. If one person uses the word “sit” and another “feel” to teach the chihuahua to sit, he never interiorizar√° the order. You must also decide which spaces of the home have access, if you can or not to sofa, food and ride-schema, upload etc.

Remember that dogs are routine animals that require fixed timetables to achieve internal stability. On the other hand, being of a race so possessive and territorial, it is essential that you provide a space just for him, where available their bowls of food and water, bed and toys. Does not mark it their territory, you will believe that you have free access to the entire House and, again, assume that it is the leader of the Pack.

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Correct bad behavior

Whenever your chihuahua does not meet the established standards or adopt a bad behavior, not scream or scold him, di simply a forceful ‘NO’ and corrects this behavior. We will establish a penalty consistent with the fact, as the withdrawal of a toy, stop the game, out of the Park, etc. That Yes, such sanctions cannot last forever or we can set it without has corrected conduct just produce it.

Teach him where to do your needs

Teach your chihuahua toilet habits is very important both to keep your home well clean as to have a polite dog. If your chihuahua puppy is not already vaccinated, you must teach him to relieve himself on newspaper or sanitary towels for dogs. To do this, you must follow these steps:

Select the corner you want your House to make there needs. Then, place several sheets of newspaper or large sanitary napkins plates.

Within minutes of having eaten or drunk water, take your puppy to that corner and place it on the paper.
Wait the time needed until you urinate or defecate, and praise him enthusiastically. If the veterinarian allows you, offer you a prize as a reward for good behavior.

After a long sleep, you must also take your puppy to the newspaper to make their needs.

Remove dirty newspapers and new places. When the leaves change, you must rub the dirty new so permeate the smell of your urine and remember that this is where it should go. Another trick is to leave one of the dirty sheets on clean.
The chihuahuas have bladder and the excretory system much smaller than breeds of larger size, so the waiting time between the Act of eating or drinking and urinating or defecating is much smaller. During their first months of life should be constant monitoring to be able to teach to make their needs and correct it whenever he does it in the selected corner.

In this sense, if we caught our chihuahua urinating outside the newspaper we have to take it gently and take it immediately to the corner of toilet there continue. Remember to disinfect the area to eliminate the odor and avoid to defecate in that space again.

Once vaccinated puppy, we can already start to teach him to relieve himself outside the home:

As with the newspaper, ten or fifteen minutes after eating or drinking water, draw to our chihuahua to walk to make their needs.

Whenever you urinate or defecate during the ride congratulate him and reward him for good behavior.
If your puppy not to urinate during the first rides, there is a very effective trick which will not fail. The chihuahuas are very territorial dogs, you try to take it to areas where other dogs have urinated. His instinct leads you to mark the territory about the earlier trade mark.

Remember that you must also remove it to the street after sleeping.

During the first months you must take your chihuahua to walk four to five times a day, and go slowly, reducing trips to get the animal to learn to control and wait out to relieve himself. As you can see, the outputs are closely associated with the times that you should eat per day. If you still don’t know the optimal amount of daily meal that needs your chihuahua, don’t miss this article.

How to train a chihuahua: basic commands

Once established the rules and started learning toilet habits, we can already start with the educational process. We start off with the basic commands: “come”, “together” and “still”. To better educate the chihuahua, professionals recommend the use of the clicker. If you still don’t know what or how to use it, find out in this article on the initiation into the clicker.
Teach my chihuahua to come here

Without a doubt, this is one of the first orders that we must teach our dog, regardless of breed. If we dont have clicker, you can use treats. To begin with, we will consider the following points:

It is best to practice this order on the outside in a fenced and spacious place; the home is full of distractions like toys and food.
We will place our dog in a point in space and we draw from it. Put a treat on our feet and say firmly the word ‘come’ (or that have selected). Automatically the animal will look to pick up the food.

When I am gone, congratulate you enthusiastically and give you your reward.
Repeat the process but without candy, just stay away from it and say ‘come’. If you go, remember to give a prize for good behavior. If you don’t go, back to the candy until you associate the word ‘come’ with the Act of going.
Little by little, the distance increases and reduces treats.

Teach my chihuahua to walk next to me

This order consists of two parts that we carry out to achieve that you internalize it. Before teaching you to walk with us, we must make him understand that we do not want that you pull the strap or walk away. To do this, follow these steps:
Whenever you walk away or pull the strap, we will stop. Say ‘NO’, or to scold him, simply let walk.
When the chihuahua stops, we congratulate you and will resume the March. It’s simple.

Once the dog has understood that we do not want that you pull the belt, we can give way to the second part of the training. We will carry with us the clicker or sweets (or both), we will walk very slowly to observe carefully our dog and react immediately. Whenever the dog is approaching us, say the word “together”, we do click with the cliker and give a treat. Reducing increasingly treats until you internalize the order completely, we will repeat this process.

Teach my chihuahua to stand still

To teach this order we have to follow almost the same steps as for the above command:
To make us easier, we’ll start during the tour.

From time to time, we will stop walking. When we see our chihuahua stops, we will say “still”, will click, congratulate you and will give you a candy as a reward.

Repeat this process until your dog associate the word “still” with the Act of stopping, reducing the sweets.
Test give the order in different contexts so that you internalize it and reward you everytime you do it properly.

To teach your chihuahua either of these commands you will need to arm yourself with patience, since it is not a task that has been achieved in two days.

Other orders

Once learned the previous orders, we can begin to teach our chihuahua to sit, give paw, become the dead, bring the ball, etc. We encourage you to keep surfing the web to discover the steps to follow and the keys to keep in mind to educate our dog in the best possible way. Remember that positive conditioning is essential for a happy and balanced dog. On the other hand, be sure to consult our article on basic care of the chihuahua and make them meet all.