Kefir, Curative Fungus

It is a creamy, yogurt-like drink, it is a ferment of Caucasian origin. This product has been known since ancient times, in Europe the acidic milk reached broadcasting from Asian nomadic peoples, as well as the Germanic and Nordic, large consumers of products dairy. Initially the Kefir was made by fermenting camel milk; It then passed to the mare’s milk, and then to goat’s milk and cow’s milk. This fresh raw would be ideal, but it is currently almost impossible to access it. Many people have proved in practice its kefir grow healthy in conventional milk directly milked, always looking for the best possible quality and thus avoiding contamination. From its cultivation in milk, at some later point began to grow in sugar water. Beverages which are obtained in the Kefir cultures, have according to historical tradition and scientific verification in laboratories, very beneficial human properties, both in the preventive effects such as healing. Onde Comprar Kefir De Leite there are three types of Kefir, the milk, water and tea. First, the milk Kefir, gets a kind of yogurt, the second, a beverage similar to lemonade with gas, and the third, a drink of herbs. Most people learn more of milk Kefir. In fact, the three types are same Kefir, with the same microflora, but adapted to different media. A characteristic of Kefir effect is that it is constantly growing, since they are living microorganisms. Nodules that create, depart by budding and soon will double its size needing more energy input and space. It is then when spreads a little, that it can offer to other people so that they benefit from it and so with our help and throughout history, they have managed to colonize a planet of tribes and alternative people. Kefir, would be like a crop, but traditionally not bought or sold, but it has followed a flow from hand to hand, as a gift among acquaintances and friends, in a gesture of goodwill. It is no coincidence that mean more or less that a desire for blessing, etymologically in Turkish “feel good”. Kefir is not the same as yogurt While it is similar to yogurt, the main difference between kefir and yogurt fermentation process lies in that the first fermented milk by a lacto-alcohol reaction (milk lactose is transformed into lactic acid and carbon dioxide and alcohol, this occurs in a proportion of less than 1%), while that of yogurt is only

lactic (only lactose is transformed into lactic acid). Kefir prevents intestinal rots and contributes to the purification of the body. In this way, the absorption and assimilation of nutrients is more complete and can be synthesized necessary components such as vitamin k. You should drink every day, does not alter the digestion and is absorbed quickly by the blood. Yogurt promotes intestinal flora but Kefir is an authentic regenerator of it, for it is highly advisable to take it after taking an antibiotic treatment, Kefir intestinal putrefaction becomes lactic fermentation, provides to the intestine of abundant lactic acid, whose action becomes Peptones residues of substances albumins who reach the colon.

Kefir is not a universal remedy and when there is disease, should always go to the doctor. Nutritional properties The kefir fermentation allows you to break down the milk into simple nutrients making it more tolerable for people who suffer from lactose intolerance and digestive. It also provides micro-organisms that regenerate the intestinal flora and compete efficiently against pathogenic bacteria in our intestines. This allows to make kefir without boil or sterilize the milk in its production, in such a way that it allows to take advantage of all the beneficial properties of raw milk. If we go on vacation and have no possibility to take it with us, we can leave it 3 or 4 days in water with sugar in the fridge. If we are going to be longer, it will be necessary to drain it thoroughly, dry it and freeze it, thus endures several months. However, then is should thaw very slowly, previously putting it in the fridge and if possible, retry with sugar a few days before leaving to produce the fermented beverage and mineral water. After this freezing process, shown that kefir does not grow at the same pace that made him previously, days with milk you can leave more than 24 hours. How to take it? Kefir allows multiple culinary possibilities, from taking it as fermented milk, the liquid retrieved after strain, how to make smoothies with vegetables, fruits, with wheat germ and honey for breakfast, to make delicious cream cheese. To prepare the cream cheese, let the fermented milk on a cloth of Savannah on a sieve with a container under which collect the serum that emerges from the milk kefirada. 24-36 hours we will get on the cloth a cream of kefir, which with a little good olive oil and salt, will be a cream base that can be combined with nuts (walnuts cheese), avocado, garlic and parsley, herbs, etc.

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What is the accessible translation?

What is the accessible translation? Surely will not be come to many of them that you’re reading this entry anything head with this name. But if I said it is the translation of subtitles for the deaf or the comments in films audio description for people blind you will be already on the bulb and you will be contextualized.

I think convenient to also explain what the audio description. This method consists in describing images, situations, all those visuals of any film so that the blind spectator can enjoy the film, i.e. the written script becomes an oral script.

Using techniques such as subtitling for the deaf, audio description for the blind, putting a sign language interpreter, commenting on the news, etc. is becoming a plural translation, a translation for all, i.e. an accessible translation.

The scope of Accessible Translation

In theory, there are many agencies, associations or institutions that ensure that any film, series or news information reaches everyone. Thus, in the year 2012 AENOR, the Spanish Association for standardization and certification, aware of the difficulties of the deaf spectator, published UNE 153010 law which sought to regularize the subtitled for this group of people and raise awareness, among others, artists and mediators of audiovisual content of the importance of the arrival of information make it easier to disabled people.

From the Government of Spain in the year 2010, chaired at the time by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, enacted the General Law on Audiovisual communication which was imposed all television networks broadcasting accessible so 65% of its programming.

Also from the eleven is subtitling and audio description films, from classics like Woody Allen’s Match Point to movies like Pan’s Labyrinth or The Artist’s latest. In addition, there are audio description as Shin Chan and Doraemon films for children.

The reality of the accessible translation

However, not everything that glitters is gold when we refer to the accessible translation. The theory is splendid, but the practice is another scarce reality.

If we tune our television Antena 3 you can tell me the title of a film Granada or subtitled for deaf? Ojo, subtitled for the deaf is not the same that already subbed to the first type of subtitling should follow a few more marked patterns.

The stark reality, the vast majority of the networks, both public and private, do not reach issue or 40% of its programming in an accessible way. Today, in Spain, the only network television that exceeds, and more than the percentage of accessible audiovisual material imposed in 2010 by the General Law on Audiovisual Communication it is the autonomic network Canal Sur. In the year 2012, the audiovisual community of Andalucia (CAA), discussed in depth all the Andalusian chain accessible material and became a negative balance: South channel subtitled a 60.5 per cent of their emissions and Canal Sur 2 only 49.9%. Clearly, this balance was not approaching 65% state tax and the figure of 70% of material accessible escaped. However, after the touch of attention of CAA, Canal Sur was aware of their limited accessible programming and reached 82.2%. Not less praiseworthy is the activity and pressure of the Andalusian Federation of associations of deaf people (FAAS) that currently comprises one of the most influential of all Spain and which has always asserted the existence of material accessible.

On the other hand, I have also mentioned that the eleven is dedicated to developing audiovisual material for everyone. I’ve had the honor of viewing a film (which now do not remember the title) subtitled by this organization. I must confess that subtitling was of dubious quality, since subtitles spent running, occasionally were sparse and in others were extreme extensions. This is due to that from the eleven not has been a professional and competent team in the accessible translation to undertake that task.

The summary of this article: all can make to be politically correct but not practically. And another anecdote, set as unknown to become the world of accessible translation, that Word’s checker has marked me the word “Audio description” as an error during the drafting of this article and however words such as Word, Google or Microsoft recognizes them.

How to make your own signs of print with more here for sale

Perhaps you are selling a single item and need an inexpensive way to advertise this article for sale in their community. Or, perhaps you want to create your own bootable tabs sale signals to sell products that perform as part of a business at home. Whatever your particular application for its sale signals, creating a signal to sell with tabs that can capture the attention of the public it is not terribly difficult. You will need to use a graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop, as well as his imagination to create signs of success.


1 . Start by creating a draft of your sample in the role. It is possible that you want to include a photo (or photos) or clip-art images that you can find on the Internet. You can find a lot of photos and public domain clip art online. In general, it is a good idea to include a photo of the item for sign makers Perth, but you can add other graphics to give your sample some pizazz.

2 . Use a graphics program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to create your sample of sales, or a free program like the GIMP. You will need to create a new document that will become your sign. Start by choosing a background as white. Add the numbers in the dialog box that fits the dimensions of the paper size that the intention of having the impression of signal on. In general, you will need to add a height of 11 ½ inches and a width of 8 inches, which is the size of standard paper can be printed on a home printer. Add next to your resolution setting. A value of 300 pixels will give their printed signs a high quality appearance.

3 . Open any artwork, photos or other graphics that you saved on your computer by selecting “file”, then “open”. Then, select “Copy”, then, click “Paste”. Each image that is saved in a layer in the layers panel. Do this for each image that you want to incorporate into the design of your sign. Create additional layers of text, as well as for their own artistic creations that are developed in the program. To do this, click the icon “New layer” in the layers panel.

4 . Use picture settings and the different tools in the toolbar to create the design of your sign. The “Text” tool allows you to add text, while the “Move” tool allow you to move text and graphics and the position where you want each item. You must use the “Text” tool to write (using a small font) phone number (or any information that you want to use in your eyelashes). Use the rotation and move functions to place the text where you want the first tab to make it. Then you can copy and paste the contents used by first tab in order to repeat this content in each subsequent tab at the bottom of your sign.

5 you save signature of final design in a JPEG format of high resolution for printing. Select a professional printing service, or print your own signals. If you plan to print their own signals, can simply use scissors to create gaps between each tab.

Train a Chihuahua basic techniques and Orders

Tired of that your chihuahua dog ignore you when you give an order? If your small companion still does not understand the ‘NO’, there is no way for to learn to relieve himself outside the home, does not sit down or stays still when you put the collar or want to cut her nails, you’ve come to the right place!

At we give you the keys so that you learn to train your chihuahua correctly. Despite being one of the more possessive and dominant races, train you to teach the basic commands it is not complicated if we know the guidelines that we follow.

Characteristics of the chihuahua

To be able to get into doggy dans online dog trainer review for chihuahuas techniques, it is essential to understand the characteristics of the character of this breed of dog. Thus, the chihuahua is characterized by having a character key and possessive, so it is not in their nature be submissive, he is a born leader. Also, it is capricious, energetic, intelligent and very active, always willing to play with other dogs of the same breed and its owner.

Knowing this, what attitude should have us to properly educate our chihuahua?

We must show an authoritarian attitude without being aggressive and always stand firm. If we decide that we don’t want our little buddy to climb on the couch, we must maintain that decision and not let to do it once. Remember: the leader of the Pack have to be you.

The authority must always be accompanied by security. Although you keep you firm in your decision, if your chihuahua perceived insecurity in you will continue believing that he is the leader.

We must not allow our Chihuahua or provide all the vagaries that want. Its sweet and tender face not your guard, download if you want that your can is well educated you must teach him to earn those whims.

Being authoritarian is not synonymous with being aggressive. This means that we must never shout to our dog, hitting or educate you through negative conditioning. This all we will get is a fearful chihuahua, always on the defensive, and even aggressive. Especially dogs small breed and toy, are highly sensitive to this kind of behaviour and quickly become distrustful, giving people a negative association.

The importance of socialization

Now that we know how the education of our chihuahua must confront us, where do we start? Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of the training of any dog is socialization. Although all the races require a proper relationship with other dogs, people and environment, it is true that there are dogs more susceptible than others, and therefore requiring more attention at this point.

As discussed in the previous section, the chihuahuas are dogs who prefer to interact with dogs of the same breed and, therefore, if we don’t socialize them properly can take aggressive or surly attitudes with other dogs. To prevent this from happening, we have to start the socialization process as soon as possible.

During the puppy stage is when dogs are more responsive, created its personality and adopt a series of behaviors that we must lead if we want to get a dog happy, healthy and, above all, balanced. To socialize our Chihuahua correctly we must take into account the following factors:

To begin to relate to our dog with other dogs or animals of other species, we will have to select quiet, well behaved and balanced individuals. A bad choice can lead to a negative encounter, with serious consequences that can make our Chihuahua’s for life.
That its small size does not influence you. Although part of the smaller breeds of dog in the world, the chihuahua is perfectly prepared to interact with larger dogs. Denied that relationship just cause to adopt an aggressive attitude when you stop with these breeds.

Prepare the meeting in a friendly atmosphere, where you feel comfortable and safe.

Although small, the chihuahua is not a toy. Why do we say this? When it comes to socialize with children, it is essential that we make them understand that they must not treat as to their toys, they must respect and take care of it. Not educate children can cause our chihuahua has a bad experience with them and, therefore, issue them, even biting them to defend themselves.
For more details, see the following article from ExpertoAnimal where we explain techniques to socialize your puppy with other dogs, people and animals from their environment.

It lays down rules

Before continuing with the training of our chihuahua we must be very clear what we teach and what standards we want to mark him. In this sense, it is crucial that you meet with your family or other members who live in the home and together decide these points.

To educate a dog properly, it is essential that all members who will participate in their education to agree and act in the same way. This means that all must use the same words to teach him the orders and be just as firm. If one person uses the word “sit” and another “feel” to teach the chihuahua to sit, he never interiorizará the order. You must also decide which spaces of the home have access, if you can or not to sofa, food and ride-schema, upload etc.

Remember that dogs are routine animals that require fixed timetables to achieve internal stability. On the other hand, being of a race so possessive and territorial, it is essential that you provide a space just for him, where available their bowls of food and water, bed and toys. Does not mark it their territory, you will believe that you have free access to the entire House and, again, assume that it is the leader of the Pack.

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Correct bad behavior

Whenever your chihuahua does not meet the established standards or adopt a bad behavior, not scream or scold him, di simply a forceful ‘NO’ and corrects this behavior. We will establish a penalty consistent with the fact, as the withdrawal of a toy, stop the game, out of the Park, etc. That Yes, such sanctions cannot last forever or we can set it without has corrected conduct just produce it.

Teach him where to do your needs

Teach your chihuahua toilet habits is very important both to keep your home well clean as to have a polite dog. If your chihuahua puppy is not already vaccinated, you must teach him to relieve himself on newspaper or sanitary towels for dogs. To do this, you must follow these steps:

Select the corner you want your House to make there needs. Then, place several sheets of newspaper or large sanitary napkins plates.

Within minutes of having eaten or drunk water, take your puppy to that corner and place it on the paper.
Wait the time needed until you urinate or defecate, and praise him enthusiastically. If the veterinarian allows you, offer you a prize as a reward for good behavior.

After a long sleep, you must also take your puppy to the newspaper to make their needs.

Remove dirty newspapers and new places. When the leaves change, you must rub the dirty new so permeate the smell of your urine and remember that this is where it should go. Another trick is to leave one of the dirty sheets on clean.
The chihuahuas have bladder and the excretory system much smaller than breeds of larger size, so the waiting time between the Act of eating or drinking and urinating or defecating is much smaller. During their first months of life should be constant monitoring to be able to teach to make their needs and correct it whenever he does it in the selected corner.

In this sense, if we caught our chihuahua urinating outside the newspaper we have to take it gently and take it immediately to the corner of toilet there continue. Remember to disinfect the area to eliminate the odor and avoid to defecate in that space again.

Once vaccinated puppy, we can already start to teach him to relieve himself outside the home:

As with the newspaper, ten or fifteen minutes after eating or drinking water, draw to our chihuahua to walk to make their needs.

Whenever you urinate or defecate during the ride congratulate him and reward him for good behavior.
If your puppy not to urinate during the first rides, there is a very effective trick which will not fail. The chihuahuas are very territorial dogs, you try to take it to areas where other dogs have urinated. His instinct leads you to mark the territory about the earlier trade mark.

Remember that you must also remove it to the street after sleeping.

During the first months you must take your chihuahua to walk four to five times a day, and go slowly, reducing trips to get the animal to learn to control and wait out to relieve himself. As you can see, the outputs are closely associated with the times that you should eat per day. If you still don’t know the optimal amount of daily meal that needs your chihuahua, don’t miss this article.

How to train a chihuahua: basic commands

Once established the rules and started learning toilet habits, we can already start with the educational process. We start off with the basic commands: “come”, “together” and “still”. To better educate the chihuahua, professionals recommend the use of the clicker. If you still don’t know what or how to use it, find out in this article on the initiation into the clicker.
Teach my chihuahua to come here

Without a doubt, this is one of the first orders that we must teach our dog, regardless of breed. If we dont have clicker, you can use treats. To begin with, we will consider the following points:

It is best to practice this order on the outside in a fenced and spacious place; the home is full of distractions like toys and food.
We will place our dog in a point in space and we draw from it. Put a treat on our feet and say firmly the word ‘come’ (or that have selected). Automatically the animal will look to pick up the food.

When I am gone, congratulate you enthusiastically and give you your reward.
Repeat the process but without candy, just stay away from it and say ‘come’. If you go, remember to give a prize for good behavior. If you don’t go, back to the candy until you associate the word ‘come’ with the Act of going.
Little by little, the distance increases and reduces treats.

Teach my chihuahua to walk next to me

This order consists of two parts that we carry out to achieve that you internalize it. Before teaching you to walk with us, we must make him understand that we do not want that you pull the strap or walk away. To do this, follow these steps:
Whenever you walk away or pull the strap, we will stop. Say ‘NO’, or to scold him, simply let walk.
When the chihuahua stops, we congratulate you and will resume the March. It’s simple.

Once the dog has understood that we do not want that you pull the belt, we can give way to the second part of the training. We will carry with us the clicker or sweets (or both), we will walk very slowly to observe carefully our dog and react immediately. Whenever the dog is approaching us, say the word “together”, we do click with the cliker and give a treat. Reducing increasingly treats until you internalize the order completely, we will repeat this process.

Teach my chihuahua to stand still

To teach this order we have to follow almost the same steps as for the above command:
To make us easier, we’ll start during the tour.

From time to time, we will stop walking. When we see our chihuahua stops, we will say “still”, will click, congratulate you and will give you a candy as a reward.

Repeat this process until your dog associate the word “still” with the Act of stopping, reducing the sweets.
Test give the order in different contexts so that you internalize it and reward you everytime you do it properly.

To teach your chihuahua either of these commands you will need to arm yourself with patience, since it is not a task that has been achieved in two days.

Other orders

Once learned the previous orders, we can begin to teach our chihuahua to sit, give paw, become the dead, bring the ball, etc. We encourage you to keep surfing the web to discover the steps to follow and the keys to keep in mind to educate our dog in the best possible way. Remember that positive conditioning is essential for a happy and balanced dog. On the other hand, be sure to consult our article on basic care of the chihuahua and make them meet all.

Unlocking your potential as a Translator

Steps towards becoming a professional translator in the current Translation Market

Have you just finished a language degree? Do you have your entire professional future before you? Here are the best steps that we recommend for you to follow in order to unlock your potential in the field of translation.

The professional translators I currently work with were all once in the same situation that you are in now. As future translators, it is normal for you to ask yourselves what you are going to do when you have finished your studies.

Here are a few simple steps in becoming that professional translator you have always dreamed of being with a few tips of advice straight from our professional translators.

1. Get to know your market

Whether you are based in the UK, Spain or abroad you must be aware of the current situation in the translation sector. It is essential that you search the top agencies if you wish to work in-house focusing on recommendations, proz company reviews and translator forums to make sure you avoid scams. If you are planning on working freelance, talk to fellow translators or consult professional associations and based on your skills, experience and expertise establish your minimum rates and do not be pushed into dropping them. Find out the standard prices used in your country and do not use prices that are neither too high nor too low.

2. Expand your language skills

So you have studied a degree in German, Spanish and Portuguese, but would you say you are fluent in all these languages? The best way to increase your skills as a translator is to immerse yourself in the languages you are going to be working with. If possible, go work in another country, get to know the culture and practice your professional communication skills which will come in useful when liaising with future clients and of course when it comes to the translation of documents.

3. Specialize

The best translators are those who are specialized in a very specific niche which they know inside out in both of their working languages. Do not just choose something that you think will make you money, as remember you will be spending a lot of time reading and writing about said topic! Choose a field you are passionate about and enjoy researching. If you hate finance and numbers, chances are you will get bored after reading three pages on the subject. It would be beneficial to choose something you are already interested in. If you have a technical background (i.e. if you studied Law or Medicine, and are familiar with the terminology of those fields), you would be best off pursuing a career as a legal or medical translator.

4. Professionalism

This perhaps goes without saying, yet it is vital that translators are professional in any of the aspects in which they work given the ethical responsibility which is inherent to this vocation. Professionalism encompasses a range of qualities that should define all translators and which are necessary to have when embarking on your professional career in translation. Your must work quickly yet efficiently, producing the best work to your ability in the shortest amount of time. Get to know your limits and remember the old saying; quality over quantity. Translators must have empathy and be aware of their environment. We are instruments of culture and communication, and it is essential that translators are curious to learn more about what they are translating. Professionalism also includes reliability, in respecting deadlines and commitments with clients, as one missed deadline can guarantee that you will not hear from that client again. Finally translators are born multitaskers. This side of our professional nature means that we can work under stress and are able to handle various projects at once. All potential translators should present the above skills when at the cusp of embarking on their professional lives.

Most importantly: have determination and do not give up. One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to follow these steps to unlock your potential and work towards giving your clients an image that can trust in: a specialized, professional translator with copious knowledge of their working languages. Training as a translator does not finish when you leave University, it is a life-long mission that even for us, is still ongoing.

Contracts of Translation

Often indicates that there are different specialties or areas within the translation industry professional. Many translation agencies in our web pages explain the different areas in which we provide translations. For example: technical, legal, medical, literary, financial translation, etc. But in this article, we’d like to focus on the translation of contracts.

In modern times, constantly refers to international business, business development, great ideas for increasing revenues and the various aspects of human communication.

However, do not forget something? In fact, the beginning of all these concepts is based on an agreement between two parties (or more) if required. Whether they are entities or individuals that are going to cooperate in order to achieve mutual benefits.

Use of the appropriate terminology

Like other legal documents, translation of contracts can be really complicated. As you know, the actions and the benefits of the parties depend on the particular interpretation of the clauses of a contract. So it is even more important if possible, transmit the translation in a clear and unequivocal message to avoid possible misinterpretation or empty legal.

As the process of translation of contracts has been considered one part within the field of legal translation, apply the same rules for the use of the terminology and the sentence structures. The use of proper terminology and commonly used structures, ensure that the translation of a contract will be understood in a unique way: correct.

Format of the translation of contracts

Another very important aspect to avoid confusion and misunderstanding is the format of the contract. A good standard of international contract is one where the translation of the terms of the contract are placed in columns along with the original. Therefore a contract bilingual with text translated and perfectly aligned.

While parties may not understand the part of the contract, this design provides an overview quick dates, values, numbers, and of course a sense of equality between the parties. The majority of customers say that treatment of equality when it comes to business is very important.

One further aspect which has to take into account the format using the bold and the capitalization of the text. Depending on the target language capitalization rules may be different, but it is always important to distinguish between the terms used and the parties involved in the contract. This practice also collaborates to the clear understanding of the information included in a contract.

Tips when it comes to translating a contract

Once completed the drafting of a contract. It is advisable to take a time to reread it carefully and from “a distance” ask yourself if are actually included all points and necessary aspects. It is even advisable makes a reading a person outside the wording of the contract.

It is convenient, before sending to translate a contract, which indeed is the final version. Thus, apart from saving time and money, inconvenience and possible errors are avoided.

If you want to convey a sense of respect for the future partner who will sign the contract, and this speaks another language, it is advisable to forward him a copy of already translated so you can read it and ensure that everything is properly understood.

What is BPMN and why it is important for both SME’s and large companies?

You already know that your organization works because there are processes that underpin its operations, and that for each relevant operation, there is a sequence of steps that make it possible. You already know that you need to manage those processes to ensure that the execution of each step, and the process is usually successful. And you also know that there is a discipline called process management business (BPM – Business Process Management) which aims to help with that goal.

But, maybe you don’t know as starting to model these processes, as a first step to understand them, then automate them, and finally measure them to improve them. That is the purpose of this article: introducing the notation (BPMN – Business Process Management Notation business process management)

I will try to demonstrate what BPMN is the most appropriate notation, and I would even say indispensable so that your organization is a corporation with thousands of employees or a fledgling startup, can:

  •     Compete (and survive)
  •     Grow (being efficient and scalable)
  •     Get higher (involving everyone in that way)


Compete (and survive)

The reality is hard. And you know the only way to compete (and survive) is to be more efficient and effective than the competition. Otherwise, customers will leave and sooner rather than later, the company will break. So easy to say, difficult to do.

Automate processes is a tool (and one very important) to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. But to automate the processes necessary to model them first, and do so in BPMN presents great advantages:

The notation emphasizes business and process, not on technical aspects. Forced to think, analyze and understand the process. First this, then that, if such a thing happens, such other becomes.

Does not require technical knowledge to be implemented. Training in the use of basic elements is very fast.

It is simple to read and understand. This allows to implement earlier versions of processes, but above all, adjust them and correct them to measures that run and improvement opportunities detected.

Automation must be fast. The decision to automate a process, so it is really an instrument of competition, we must move graphic model (drawing) to their execution within hours, perhaps days, but never weeks or months. In that sense, the chosen tool (BPM Suite) should allow to pass directly from the BPMN model to its execution.

Let’s look at a simple example, which is self explanatory: just by looking it is understood the process, conditions and flow forks and where they would be any bottlenecks:

The efficiency generated by automating a process results in two major elements:

  •     Lower cost per transaction (optimized times, less input, etc.)
  •     Satisfaction of stakeholders (customers, employees, etc.)

Automation takes some time, therefore is an investment. The more time officers, more investment and more will be slow its return (ROI). Why it is so important to use a standard language like BPMN that all handle, and that the tool will pass the model to the execution with a single click.

Grow (being efficient and scalable)

From the processes automated and sequenced, it is possible to grow up with a standardized operation. Put another way, manual processes are not scalable, so the company that has to process more work per unit of time, may not do so, the costs to do so manually will fire, losing competitiveness, dangerous survival.

Again, here the use of BPMN is relevant, because to be a standard, after having automated a first process, the second, the third and the following will follow the same notation, will operate on the same BPMtool, and will not require a change management so that the people adopt it.

In this sense, we can see that BPMN:

  •     It is a notation simple, that facilitates understanding and formalize processes that can be complex.
  •     Visually it is very clear what is the flow (workflow associated with the process), and that allows you to discuss what is really relevant. Flows with multiple conditions are clear to all.
  •     You can add comments that explain non-trivial things in the diagram, what makes you you can share and be self explanatory.
  •     The above corollary: is autodocumentado, avoiding the cost and the cumbersome to maintain documentation of processes in text editors.

By way of example, the Library of processes of Flokzu (a Suite of BPM in the cloud, agile and accessible) brings processes modeled in BPMN, ready to use, so adoption is gradual but fast, and can thus be more scalable. The growing company will adopt one, and quickly the second, and the third, making their operation increasingly more automated and accompany their growth.

Get higher (involving all)

A company, large or small, is a team, and to get more precise high that all members are committed to this mission, are ranked on how do this and share values needed to do it the right way.

One of the most important points to achieve cohesive and aligned teams is to achieve a proper knowledge management. The only model altogether the company processes using BPMN allows make more cohesive teams (specific regarding this post), then:

  •     It is a collaborative task by definition.
  •     Allows all members to soak is the business and the processes meet the goals.
  •     Manage knowledge, given that the processes are formalized and will then be available for people who come later.

Using BPMN and the right BPM Suite, can do these tasks with high value added in a short time, and focusing on business (not in technical details). This video shows an example how a process is automated in 8 minutes:

Modeling processes, also implies the definition of KPIs to measure as they are working. It is part of the discipline of BPM, and is important to provide objectivity to how the organization is performing. From these KPI’s, conclusions which may involve modifying processes must be removed. And here again, it is essential to have them modeled in BPMN to make it simple and fast to introduce these improvements necessary. Put another way, if an improvement in the process (e.g., change a stage, or a condition in the flow), takes weeks or months, it will not be. And therefore it will not improve. And there will not be high.


BPMN is a notation for modelling business processes. Even though there are others, when a tool allows to model on BPMN and pass to the execution of these processes through a click, very relevant benefits are achieved. The efficiency and effectiveness is increased mainly due to the reduction of costs and improvement in the quality of the process). They would earn in scalability, to be formalized and automated processes. People lined up behind a common objective and is managed properly the knowledge on how to achieve it. The adoption of a BPM Suite based on BPMN ( Flokzu being a good example), allows you to travel this road with immediate results and moderate investment. All these elements and concepts, discharges, are as important in a large corporation as an SME, as any company, must have in their DNA racing, grow and reach higher.

New Technologies that fall in love with the Translators.

Translators are crazy passionate about the most disparate subjects. Literature, science, technology, languages, politics, economics, film… We could devote a full article to everything that happens by the head of the translator, both when he is awake as when he is asleep. His mind never check the brake.

Something that has not stopped in recent years has been the technological breakthrough which has been suffering the world with the passage of time. Now our clock can tell us whether we should relax or not, is our phone which will pay for the dinner. A handset that translates while you talk? It is the giant who accompanies us these years.

Translators, as good curious, are passionate about all these advances. Since they all help to improve your translations and increase their knowledge about the world. As mentioned in other posts. The Internet is one tool more than strong in which we can support us to perform any search information. Translators in training phase dedicated part of his time to learn those shortcuts that will facilitate their consultations. These are new technologies that fall in love with translators

But not only internet and windows are what fascinate the translator. There are numerous developments that the world of technology offers us today and help improve our work. An example of this type of technology can be voice recognition applications. That through the implementation of voice commands, allows up to three times faster writing to which the translation Professional is used.

A reader capable of converting the text that appears in your document in paper and show it on the screen of your computer. Turn it in format PDF is also a little dream that would rather help improve the reading of the document. Today that dream is already possible since that small pencil magic exists.

But the methods that actually make the translator feel accomplished when making inquiries are glossaries and other web sites that have duly ordered and up-to-date information. Well, Web sites or software programs that are able to convert or export the text with which we are working. Make feasible for working ability to edit images with text, which retain the original format and their boards. They are the tools that a translator would lose his head.

Luckily, the Mars translators are abreast of all of these programs. Our translators know to distinguish what is best suited to work with your text. In addition, they have the training necessary and appropriate to treat the text as it deserves. And finally, that the translation respects all need and conditions required by the original document.