Getting driving permit in Poland

Getting driving permit in Poland

Poland’s magnificent open transport does not imply that outsiders need to surrender driving. In the event that you can’t live without an auto – you are going to discover the specifics of our streets and figure out how to get a Polish driving permit!

Before taking off

Some fundamental data should be acquainted with each outsider moving to Poland. Poland utilizes the right-hand activity, much the same as most European nations do. This manage of the street has been authoritatively being used since 1920s and no other choice is conceivable.

Another imperative thing to recall is that every nation has an alternate driving manners. All in all, Poland is known for a somewhat clear utilization of driving guidelines. Whatever is built up by the law, ought to be executed out and about. This applies to the utilization of safety belts (they are constantly required), strict tanked driving law (the worthy furthest reaches of blood liquor content is 0.02%) and many speed limitations (be careful with radar traps and policemen holing up behind a corner).

Do I require a permit?

In the event that you are an EU national – good for you, you can drive utilizing your own permit as long as it’s legitimate and not limited at all. In any case, please remember that following 180 days of living arrangement in Poland you are obliged to trade your prawo jazdy tarnobrzeg for a Polish one, generally confronting issues with auto protection. Your unique archive will be gathered and sent back to your nation of origin, however you will have the capacity to recover it after returning.

Individuals from outside the Eurozone can likewise utilize their permit gave it is joined by the International Driving Permit. This identification like record must be combined with your own particular driving permit and, as on account of European archives, is substantial just for 180 days. After this period nonnatives dwelling in Poland need to either trade their driving reports or…

Apply for a Polish permit

  • So as to do that, four conditions should be satisfied.
  • You should be an inhabitant of Poland.
  • You have to meet the age prerequisites for the class you need to acquire.
  • You have to finish restorative tests.
  • You have to pass a hypothetical and reasonable driving exam.

The initial three focuses are anything but difficult to clarify. Most importantly, as you definitely know, following 180 days of a lawful remain in Poland you might be viewed as an occupant of the nation and your visa or living arrangement allow is there to demonstrate it. Furthermore, every class is limited for individuals of particular age. As of now it is 18 years of age for the most prevalent B class (for autos), however ages change for different grants. Something else is finishing therapeutic tests – these generally incorporate standard vision, hearing and adjust tests. Remember that these examinations cost PLN 200.

Hypothesis and practice

Point no 4 from the rundown above includes double examinations of hypothetical and useful information. The two tests are sorted out by neighborhood street activity focuses called WORD in Polish. Before endeavoring to pass them, new drivers are obliged to enlist for a driving course. There is an assortment of driving schools in every city and significantly littler towns, in spite of the fact that exams are led just in those which have WORD offices. Courses are paid (around PLN 1000, contingent upon a school) and incorporate 30 hours of hypothetical addresses and 30 hours of working on driving in the driver’s seat. There are even schools offering directions in outside dialects, however it depends again on the city you need to learn in.

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