Kefir, Curative Fungus

It is a creamy, yogurt-like drink, it is a ferment of Caucasian origin. This product has been known since ancient times, in Europe the acidic milk reached broadcasting from Asian nomadic peoples, as well as the Germanic and Nordic, large consumers of products dairy. Initially the Kefir was made by fermenting camel milk; It then passed to the mare’s milk, and then to goat’s milk and cow’s milk. This fresh raw would be ideal, but it is currently almost impossible to access it. Many people have proved in practice its kefir grow healthy in conventional milk directly milked, always looking for the best possible quality and thus avoiding contamination. From its cultivation in milk, at some later point began to grow in sugar water. Beverages which are obtained in the Kefir cultures, have according to historical tradition and scientific verification in laboratories, very beneficial human properties, both in the preventive effects such as healing. Onde Comprar Kefir De Leite there are three types of Kefir, the milk, water and tea. First, the milk Kefir, gets a kind of yogurt, the second, a beverage similar to lemonade with gas, and the third, a drink of herbs. Most people learn more of milk Kefir. In fact, the three types are same Kefir, with the same microflora, but adapted to different media. A characteristic of Kefir effect is that it is constantly growing, since they are living microorganisms. Nodules that create, depart by budding and soon will double its size needing more energy input and space. It is then when spreads a little, that it can offer to other people so that they benefit from it and so with our help and throughout history, they have managed to colonize a planet of tribes and alternative people. Kefir, would be like a crop, but traditionally not bought or sold, but it has followed a flow from hand to hand, as a gift among acquaintances and friends, in a gesture of goodwill. It is no coincidence that mean more or less that a desire for blessing, etymologically in Turkish “feel good”. Kefir is not the same as yogurt While it is similar to yogurt, the main difference between kefir and yogurt fermentation process lies in that the first fermented milk by a lacto-alcohol reaction (milk lactose is transformed into lactic acid and carbon dioxide and alcohol, this occurs in a proportion of less than 1%), while that of yogurt is only

lactic (only lactose is transformed into lactic acid). Kefir prevents intestinal rots and contributes to the purification of the body. In this way, the absorption and assimilation of nutrients is more complete and can be synthesized necessary components such as vitamin k. You should drink every day, does not alter the digestion and is absorbed quickly by the blood. Yogurt promotes intestinal flora but Kefir is an authentic regenerator of it, for it is highly advisable to take it after taking an antibiotic treatment, Kefir intestinal putrefaction becomes lactic fermentation, provides to the intestine of abundant lactic acid, whose action becomes Peptones residues of substances albumins who reach the colon.

Kefir is not a universal remedy and when there is disease, should always go to the doctor. Nutritional properties The kefir fermentation allows you to break down the milk into simple nutrients making it more tolerable for people who suffer from lactose intolerance and digestive. It also provides micro-organisms that regenerate the intestinal flora and compete efficiently against pathogenic bacteria in our intestines. This allows to make kefir without boil or sterilize the milk in its production, in such a way that it allows to take advantage of all the beneficial properties of raw milk. If we go on vacation and have no possibility to take it with us, we can leave it 3 or 4 days in water with sugar in the fridge. If we are going to be longer, it will be necessary to drain it thoroughly, dry it and freeze it, thus endures several months. However, then is should thaw very slowly, previously putting it in the fridge and if possible, retry with sugar a few days before leaving to produce the fermented beverage and mineral water. After this freezing process, shown that kefir does not grow at the same pace that made him previously, days with milk you can leave more than 24 hours. How to take it? Kefir allows multiple culinary possibilities, from taking it as fermented milk, the liquid retrieved after strain, how to make smoothies with vegetables, fruits, with wheat germ and honey for breakfast, to make delicious cream cheese. To prepare the cream cheese, let the fermented milk on a cloth of Savannah on a sieve with a container under which collect the serum that emerges from the milk kefirada. 24-36 hours we will get on the cloth a cream of kefir, which with a little good olive oil and salt, will be a cream base that can be combined with nuts (walnuts cheese), avocado, garlic and parsley, herbs, etc.